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public static abstract class Transition.EpicenterCallback
extends Object

   ↳ android.transition.Transition.EpicenterCallback

Class to get the epicenter of Transition. Use setEpicenterCallback(android.transition.Transition.EpicenterCallback) to set the callback used to calculate the epicenter of the Transition. Override getEpicenter() to return the rectangular region in screen coordinates of the epicenter of the transition.

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Public constructors


Public methods

abstract Rect onGetEpicenter(Transition transition)

Implementers must override to return the epicenter of the Transition in screen coordinates.

Inherited methods

From class java.lang.Object

Public constructors


added in API level 21
Transition.EpicenterCallback ()

Public methods


added in API level 21
Rect onGetEpicenter (Transition transition)

Implementers must override to return the epicenter of the Transition in screen coordinates. Transitions like Explode depend upon an epicenter for the Transition. In Explode, Views move toward or away from the center of the epicenter Rect along the vector between the epicenter and the center of the View appearing and disappearing. Some Transitions, such as Fade pay no attention to the epicenter.

transition Transition: The transition for which the epicenter applies.

Rect The Rect region of the epicenter of transition or null if there is no epicenter.

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