App performance guide

This guide provides an overview of libraries, tools, and best practices you can use to inspect, improve, and monitor performance on Android.

Users want apps to launch quickly, render smoothly, and require little memory and battery usage. This guide's sections provide information and insights into tools, libraries, and best practices that help you achieve better app performance.

Learn about inspecting app performance during development.
Improve app performance where it matters the most—in production.
Monitor your app's performance in production to learn about potential bottlenecks.
Implementing Baseline Profiles is the quickest, most efficient way to realize performance improvements in your app.
With DEX layout optimizations, you can improve the locality of code used during startup, reducing the number of major page faults.
Use the Macrobenchmark sample library for testing application startup and runtime performance cases, such as scrolling a RecyclerView to measure jank.
Use the Benchmark library to benchmark code and UI from library modules.
Use the JankStats library to monitor performance on your app.

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