Add Generative AI to your Android app with the Gemini models

With the Gemini models, you can leverage the power of generative AI to generate text and imagery, answer questions, summarize documents, caption images, and much more — in the cloud or on-device.

The new Gemini API lets you run the model inference on Google's servers. You can either call the API from your backend or directly integrate the new GoogleAI client SDK for Android.
Starting with Android 14, Android AICore is a new system capability that enables running foundation models, such as Gemini Nano, directly on-device.
Developer tools
Gemini in Android Studio is your coding companion for Android development. It can generate code, find relevant resources, learn best practices, troubleshoot errors and save time.
Developer tools
The Gemini API starter template and provided code samples streamline the process of setting up an AI-powered project in Android Studio to help you build apps that leverage Gemini's multimodal capabilities for tasks like conversational chat, translation, and image captioning.

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ML Kit provides production-ready solutions to common problems and requires no ML expertise. Models are built-in and optimized for mobile. ML Kit is easy to use and lets you focus on feature development rather than model training and optimization.
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