Gemini in Android Studio (previously known as Studio Bot) is your AI-powered development companion, designed to make it easier for you to build high quality Android apps, faster.
Get help with common tasks such as writing, commenting, and documenting code—saving you time and effort.
Ask development questions and receive responses that help you reduce errors, solve problems, and become a better Android developer.
Gemini makes use of your project's context to provide more meaningful responses and suggestions, all in Android Studio.

Over 80% of developers surveyed think Gemini in Android Studio is useful for answering Android development questions.

According to our large scale 2024 Android Developer survey.

Key features to support your development

AI-enabled autocompletion of code appears as you type in Android Studio. It can suggest entire functions, enabling you to complete coding projects faster and save time.
Spend less time trying to figure out your errors. Gemini in Android Studio can help explain your code errors, and offer suggestions for fixes. You can then action them in just a click.
Receive answers for a variety of Android development questions, including specific problems that you need help with. Gemini remembers the context of the conversation, so you can also ask follow-up questions.

Gemini in Android Studio was designed with privacy in mind. By default, Gemini in Android Studio's chat responses are purely based on conversation history, and you control whether you want to share additional context for customized responses. You can also control the data that Gemini can access through a custom .aiexclude file.

Screenshot of .aiexclude config file

“The 'suggest improvement' feature is invaluable for enhancing the code quality by providing insightful truly transforms the coding experience.”

Pankaj Rai Google Developer Expert for Android, Firebase and Machine learning

Boost your productivity with Gemini in Android Studio