Google Play Games Services overview

Multiple devices types running Google Play Games Services

Google Play Games Services provides popular gaming features for Android, ChromeOS, and Windows games. With Google Play Games Services, you can add social features to your game, view gameplay stats, and provide cross-platform gameplay across multiple devices.

You can set up and manage Play Games Services in the Google Play Console, and then add features using the Play Games Services APIs for Android, C, and Unity.

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Play Games Services features increase social engagement and provide multiplatform support across multiple devices.

Multiple devices and platforms

Play Games Services supports Android, ChromeOS, and Android game distribution on Windows (through Google Play Games for PC). The following features also ensure that you can provide your games to multiple devices for each player:

  • Sign-in: Provides a gaming identity for players that supports authentication on multiple devices, third-party cloud save solutions, and the Saved games service.

  • Saved games: Allow players to save game progress on Google servers and synchronize data between devices.

Social engagement

  • Achievements: Define player achievements that can recognize, award, and track player progress outside your game environment.

  • Leaderboards: Define leaderboards that encourage competition and rank progress between players.

  • Friends: Allow players to socialize and track friends outside of your game, and then add their Play Games friends to their in-game friends list.

Gameplay stats

  • Player stats: Retrieve data about a player’s in-game activity in order to adjust their gameplay experience.

  • Events: View your game's cumulative gameplay stats in order to improve your game. For example, you can identify content that most players haven't been able to clear, and then use the results to adjust the difficulty.

Game management and publishing

Play Games Services provides these REST APIs for managing and publishing game features and player accounts:

  • The Management API allows you to manage and test Play Games Services features and update player accounts. For example, you can reset achievements and leaderboards for specific players.

  • The Publishing API allows you to automate game production and distribution tasks, such as modifying Play Games Services features, and uploading icons for achievements and leaderboards.