Google Play Games on PC review process

To ensure that players have a high quality experience on Google Play Games on PC, your game must go through a review process.

The two types of supported builds are compatible and optimized. Both cases require sending your build to our review team.

You can arrange this by reaching out to your Google contact.

To make it easier to join the platform, you can start out with a compatible build and eventually build up towards being fully optimized.

Requirements for compatible builds

For a game to be compatible with Google Play Games on PC, it must play well on PC. An existing ARM or x86-64 build must be made available with the "Google Play Games on PC" form factor enabled.

The following are the requirements for both ARM and x86-64 builds:

  • The game must play well:
    • Game is stable and does not crash
    • Does not generate an ANR
    • FPS is stable and >30fps
    • Be playable using keyboard or mouse

The following are the requirements for x86-64 builds only:

Requirements for optimized builds

The review team runs through the following requirements to ensure your game meets our quality standards for the best possible gameplay experience.


Feedback on a build typically takes 2-3 business days, and includes feedback as follows:

  • Mandatory: Feedback must be addressed before the game can move to production. Examples include (this is not a complete list):

    • Game updates don't work and the game cannot be played
    • Crashes, visual artifacts, or other obvious bugs during gameplay
    • Keyboard or mouse controls are incomplete and result in obviously negative or unplayable user experience
    • Significant performance issues
  • Suggestion: Non-blocking concerns, that don't delay your game's launch. This generally captures all other impressions which might affect user sentiment.