Design for Android

Design beautiful and modern Android apps that meet your user where they are, whether browsing their phone, reading on their tablet, glancing at their wrist, or watching TV.

Design for mobile

Create a beautiful and usable modern app design using Android themes, components, and UI patterns.

Expand to large screens

Create an immersive and engaging user experience with layouts that resize and reconfigure to optimize presentation, interactivity, and usability.

Enhance your app with widgets

Use widgets to help users quickly engage with your app content and features.

Provide at-a-glance information on Wear OS

A smartwatch adds a great surface for quick and frequent interactions with your app. Start designing experiences for Wear OS by Google.

Design for TV

Start designing your Android TV app experience using our guides and kits.

Design for Auto

Start designing your app experience for Android Auto and Android Automotive OS using our guides and templates.

Try out a case study or sample

Start designing for Android devices with one of our Figma-based case studies or app samples.
Get the Now in Android case study (in Figma) and explore our celebrated Play Store published media sample app.
Explore our collection of design kits and templates for Wear OS.
Explore our Figma-based design kits for TV apps.