Write apps that help users live more present, healthy, and productive lives with Wear OS. With major improvements to the core experience and big changes to the platform, there's a lot to be excited about.
As more people use smartwatches, there are more opportunities to feature your apps on smaller screens.
Building notifications, glanceable complications, and tiles enables your users to easily get things done with your app and find the information they need.
Easily integrate the latest Android development methods, with new Jetpack APIs and tools to streamline your development.

Wear OS Design Guidelines

Material Design for Wear OS helps you design engaging user experiences. We've revamped the user experience for Wear so it's more intuitive, personal, and fluid. The updated design guidelines for Wear OS cover the Wear OS design systems, UI components, UX patterns, and styles.
Compose for Wear OS is now available! Design your app with familiar UI components adapted for the watch. Try the new samples and documentation and share your feedback!
Tiles give users fast, predictable access to the information and actions they rely on most. You can leverage tiles to bring the most important information and actions from your app directly into the carousel.
With Wear Health Services, it's easier than ever to build power-efficient apps that utilize all the sensor data generated by Wear OS watches. The Beta release of Wear Health Services includes improved battery life, a smoother developer experience, and future-proofing for your health and fitness app.

What developers are saying

"Outdooractive boosts user experience on wearable devices with 30% less development time using Compose for Wear OS."
"Todoist adopted Compose for Wear OS and increased its growth rate by 50%."
"Strava boosts engagement by 30% with Wear OS."
“By taking advantage of battery optimizations through Wear Health Services, athletes can record longer activities than previously possible.”
- David Rozsnyal, Android Engineer, Strava
“With Wear Health Services, I love that I only need to have only one interface to retrieve all exercise-related information and don’t have to worry about battery optimization and performance.”
- Clemens Kozmich, Software Engineer Android, adidas Runtastic
“Since we rebuilt our app with Compose for Wear OS, Todoist’s growth rate of installations on Google Play increased by 50%.”
- Rastislav Vaško, Head of Android, Todoist

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