Build apps for the wrist with Wear OS

Write apps that help users live more present, healthy, and productive lives with Wear OS. With major improvements to the core experience and big changes to the platform, there’s a lot to be excited about.
Engage your audience on the fastest growing smartwatch platform. Active Wear OS devices have grown 5x since the launch of Wear OS 3.
Boost in-app engagement and the business value of your app by bringing your app to your user's wrist.
Leverage the latest Modern Android APIs and tools, making it easier than ever to create an app for Wear OS.

Get started with Wear OS

The updated design guidelines for Wear OS cover the Wear OS design systems, UI components, UX patterns, and styles.
Design a watch face using Watch Face Studio, or use the Watch Face Format to develop tools for watch faces.
Learn to build for multiple surfaces for your wear OS app.
Find out how to assess the quality of your app and fulfill the upcoming requirements on Google Play Store.

New features

The next version of Wear OS, complete with power-saving optimizations and an update to Watch Face Format, is now ready for testing! Test your app using the official emulator in Android Studio.

Highlighted samples & codelabs

Compose for Wear OS is a modern declarative UI toolkit and is the recommended approach for building apps on Wear OS. Design your app with familiar UI components adapted for the watch.
This project provides libraries that aim to supplement Wear OS developers with features that are commonly required by developers but not yet available elsewhere. Including the media toolkit, prebuilt composables, and layouts.

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