Create your app design using Android themes and components. Leverage Android’s unique design patterns and offerings to create a beautiful, usable, modern app.

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Fundamental concepts and principles of Android design.
How to create beautiful visual design with color, type, motion, and theming for your app.
How content should be structured within a view – from basics of layouts and grids to displaying graphics, and modern Android features, like edge-to-edge content.
Interaction patterns that help your users understand, interact with, and control their experience in your app. Common behavior patterns include navigation, sharing, predictive back, and settings.
Leverage small, reusable, interactive, UI building blocks. Learn more about using Material Design components.
Extend your app to create unique experiences across the device by using system UI features like app widgets and notifications.
Understand common Android terminology.
Benefit everyone by designing in accessibility support to help 15% of the world’s population communicate, learn, and work.

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Explore our other Figma-based library kits, plugins, and the Material theme builder. Start building your Android app with modern themes, tools and user-generated dynamic color, or check out our Wear OS kits and TV kits to build for other devices.
Get started designing for Android faster and easier with an introductory guide, styles, components, and system templates.
Explore the Figma-based Material library and explore case studies and kits.
Use the web-based Material theme builder to design your next Android app.

Use a proven design system

Material Design 3 is an open source, adaptable system of guidelines, components, and tools that support the best practices of user interface design.

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Use our developer guides and reference to build your app design.
Lay out your designs by following Android best practices.