Developer overview

As an Android developer, you can deploy devices and apps to employees and keep your corporate data secure. With Android, organizations can choose what devices, APIs, and framework they want to use to develop apps for enterprises.

With Android, you can:

  • Build apps to help employees be more productive when using their personal devices or the organization's devices dedicated to a specific task.
  • Connect with leading enterprise mobility management (EMM) partners to help integrate Android in your business.

Create apps using the Developer Guide

The Developer Guide is for developers who want to create apps that best utilize and complement Android's enterprise features. The guide defines the best practices to develop and test enterprise-focused apps for managed Android devices.

If you’re new to creating Android apps ...

The Developer Guide assumes that you’re working as an independent software vendor (ISV) or in a similar role and have already built an Android app. If you haven’t yet created an Android app, see Building Your First App. If you’re looking for an accelerated course, see the Developing Android Apps course, taught by Google employees.

Develop apps for enterprises

Learn how to make your app function smoothly in corporate environments that restrict device features and data access. Go further to support business use of your app by enabling restrictions that administrators can use to remotely configure your app:

Manage devices and apps

Learn how to build policy controller apps that enable IT admins to manage devices, manage the organization's apps, and provide access to the organization's resources: