Troubleshoot common errors

This topic contains information on how to diagnose and fix common errors. It is divided into sections based on error codes or log messages.

Response code 400

Connecting to:
TuningFork:Web: Response code: 400
TuningFork:Web: Response message: Bad

You can get this error if your API key is invalid. See Enable the API.

Response code 403

TuningFork:Web: Connecting to:
TuningFork:Web: Response code: 403
TuningFork:Web: Response message: Forbidden

You can get this error if your API key is not enabled or you made an error when restricting the API key (for example, you used the wrong certificate or hash value). See Enable the API.

"No parameters: no fidelity parameters" warning and "java.lang.NoSuchFieldError" shown in logs

TuningFork:FPDownload: No parameters: no fidelity parameters
TuningFork: java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: no "[Landroid/content/pm/ApplicationInfo;" field "applicationInfo" in class "Landroid/content/pm/PackageInfo;" or its superclasses
TuningFork: Could not get fidelity params from server : err = 4

These are harmless warnings emitted by the Tuning Fork library when checking to see if the app has the debuggable flag set. While verbose, they are harmless and are not indicative of a problem in the integration of the library. You can ignore these warnings.