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Android Game Development Kit - Frame Pacing

These are the reference pages for the Android Game Development Kit Frame Pacing library, also known as Swappy.


Swappy common tools Tools to be used with Swappy for OpenGL or Swappy for Vulkan.
Swappy for OpenGL OpenGL part of Swappy.
Swappy for OpenGL extras Extra utility functions to use Swappy with OpenGL.
Swappy for Vulkan Vulkan part of Swappy.


SwappyStats Swappy frame statistics, collected if toggled on with SwappyGL_enableStats or SwappyVk_enableStats.
SwappyThreadFunctions A structure enabling you to set how Swappy starts and joins threads by calling Swappy_setThreadFunctions.
SwappyTracer Collection of callbacks to be called each frame to trace execution.
SwappyVkFunctionProvider A structure enabling you to provide your own Vulkan function wrappers by calling SwappyVk_setFunctionProvider.