added in API level 26

Provides classes which allow applications to use Wi-Fi Aware to discover peers and create connections to them.

Using the Wi-Fi Aware APIs, applications can advertise services, discover peers which are advertising services, and connect to them. Wi-Fi Aware is independent of Wi-Fi infrastructure (i.e. a device may or may not be associated with an AP concurrent to using Wi-Fi Aware).

The primary entry point to Wi-Fi Aware capabilities is the WifiAwareManager class, which is acquired by calling Context.getSystemService(Context.WIFI_AWARE_SERVICE)

Some APIs may require the following user permissions:

Note: Not all Android-powered devices support Wi-Fi Aware functionality. If your application only works with Wi-Fi Aware (i.e. it should only be installed on devices which support Wi-Fi Aware), declare so with a <uses-feature> element in the manifest file:

<manifest ...>
    <uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.wifi.aware" />

Alternatively, if you application does not require Wi-Fi Aware but can take advantage of it if available, you can perform the check at run-time in your code using hasSystemFeature(String) with FEATURE_WIFI_AWARE:



AttachCallback Base class for Aware attach callbacks. 
Characteristics The characteristics of the Wi-Fi Aware implementation. 
DiscoverySession A class representing a single publish or subscribe Aware session. 
DiscoverySessionCallback Base class for Aware session events callbacks. 
IdentityChangedListener Base class for a listener which is called with the MAC address of the Aware interface whenever it is changed. 
PeerHandle Opaque object used to represent a Wi-Fi Aware peer. 
PublishConfig Defines the configuration of a Aware publish session. 
PublishConfig.Builder Builder used to build PublishConfig objects. 
PublishDiscoverySession A class representing a Aware publish session. 
SubscribeConfig Defines the configuration of a Aware subscribe session. 
SubscribeConfig.Builder Builder used to build SubscribeConfig objects. 
SubscribeDiscoverySession A class representing a Aware subscribe session. 
WifiAwareManager This class provides the primary API for managing Wi-Fi Aware operations: discovery and peer-to-peer data connections. 
WifiAwareSession This class represents a Wi-Fi Aware session - an attachment to the Wi-Fi Aware service through which the app can execute discovery operations.