added in API level 1


public class DebugUtils
extends Object

   ↳ android.util.DebugUtils

Various utilities for debugging and logging.


Public methods

static boolean isObjectSelected(Object object)

Filters objects against the ANDROID_OBJECT_FILTER environment variable.

Inherited methods

Public methods


added in API level 1
public static boolean isObjectSelected (Object object)

Filters objects against the ANDROID_OBJECT_FILTER environment variable. This environment variable can filter objects based on their class name and attribute values.

Here is the syntax for ANDROID_OBJECT_FILTER:



  • Select TextView instances: TextView
  • Select TextView instances of text "Loading" and bottom offset of 22: TextView@text=Loading.*@bottom=22

The class name and the values are regular expressions.

This class is useful for debugging and logging purpose:

 if (DEBUG) {
   if (DebugUtils.isObjectSelected(childView) && LOGV_ENABLED) {
     Log.v(TAG, "Object " + childView + " logged!");

NOTE: This method is very expensive as it relies heavily on regular expressions and reflection. Calls to this method should always be stripped out of the release binaries and avoided as much as possible in debug mode.

object Object: any object to match against the ANDROID_OBJECT_FILTER environement variable

boolean true if object is selected by the ANDROID_OBJECT_FILTER environment variable, false otherwise