public final class UCharacterCategory
extends Object implements UCharacterEnums.ECharacterCategory

   ↳ android.icu.lang.UCharacterCategory

Enumerated Unicode category types from the UnicodeData.txt file. Used as return results from UCharacter Equivalent to icu's UCharCategory. Refer to Unicode Consortium for more information about UnicodeData.txt.

NOTE: the UCharacterCategory values are not compatible with those returned by java.lang.Character.getType. UCharacterCategory values match the ones used in ICU4C, while java.lang.Character type values, though similar, skip the value 17.

This class is not subclassable


Inherited constants

Public methods

static String toString(int category)

Gets the name of the argument category

Inherited methods

Public methods


added in API level 24
public static String toString (int category)

Gets the name of the argument category

category int: to retrieve name

String category name