public interface XmlResourceParser
implements XmlPullParser, AttributeSet, AutoCloseable


The XML parsing interface returned for an XML resource. This is a standard XmlPullParser interface but also extends AttributeSet and adds an additional close() method for the client to indicate when it is done reading the resource.


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abstract void close()

Close this parser.

abstract String getAttributeNamespace(int index)

Returns the namespace of the specified attribute.

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added in API level 1
public abstract void close ()

Close this parser. Calls on the interface are no longer valid after this call.


public abstract String getAttributeNamespace (int index)

Returns the namespace of the specified attribute.

See also XmlPullParser.getAttributeNamespace(), which this method corresponds to when parsing a compiled XML file.

index int: Index of the desired attribute, 0...count-1.

String A String containing the namespace of the attribute, or null if th attribute cannot be found.