added in API level 26



MethodHandleInfo A symbolic reference obtained by cracking a direct method handle into its consitutent symbolic parts. 


CallSite A CallSite is a holder for a variable MethodHandle, which is called its target
ConstantCallSite A ConstantCallSite is a CallSite whose target is permanent, and can never be changed. 
MethodHandle A method handle is a typed, directly executable reference to an underlying method, constructor, field, or similar low-level operation, with optional transformations of arguments or return values. 
MethodHandles This class consists exclusively of static methods that operate on or return method handles. 
MethodHandles.Lookup A lookup object is a factory for creating method handles, when the creation requires access checking. 
MethodType A method type represents the arguments and return type accepted and returned by a method handle, or the arguments and return type passed and expected by a method handle caller. 
MutableCallSite A MutableCallSite is a CallSite whose target variable behaves like an ordinary field. 
VolatileCallSite A VolatileCallSite is a CallSite whose target acts like a volatile variable. 


LambdaConversionException LambdaConversionException  
WrongMethodTypeException Thrown to indicate that code has attempted to call a method handle via the wrong method type.