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public static class Notification.DecoratedCustomViewStyle
extends Notification.Style


Notification style for custom views that are decorated by the system

Instead of providing a notification that is completely custom, a developer can set this style and still obtain system decorations like the notification header with the expand affordance and actions.

Use Notification.Builder.setCustomContentView(RemoteViews), Notification.Builder.setCustomBigContentView(RemoteViews) and Notification.Builder.setCustomHeadsUpContentView(RemoteViews) to set the corresponding custom views to display. To use this style with your Notification, feed it to Notification.Builder.setStyle( like so:

 Notification noti = new Notification.Builder()
     .setStyle(new Notification.DecoratedCustomViewStyle())


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added in API level 24
public Notification.DecoratedCustomViewStyle ()