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Added in API level 17


public class EGLConfig
extends EGLObjectHandle

   ↳ android.opengl.EGLObjectHandle
     ↳ android.opengl.EGLConfig

Wrapper class for native EGLConfig objects.


Public methods

boolean equals(Object o)

Compares this instance with the specified object and indicates if they are equal.

Inherited methods

From class android.opengl.EGLObjectHandle
From class java.lang.Object

Public methods


Added in API level 17
boolean equals (Object o)

Compares this instance with the specified object and indicates if they are equal. In order to be equal, o must represent the same object as this instance using a class-specific comparison. The general contract is that this comparison should be reflexive, symmetric, and transitive. Also, no object reference other than null is equal to null.

The default implementation returns true only if this == o. See Writing a correct equals method if you intend implementing your own equals method.

The general contract for the equals and hashCode() methods is that if equals returns true for any two objects, then hashCode() must return the same value for these objects. This means that subclasses of Object usually override either both methods or neither of them.

o Object: the object to compare this instance with.
boolean true if the specified object is equal to this Object; false otherwise.
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