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added in API level 21



AdvertiseCallback Bluetooth LE advertising callbacks, used to deliver advertising operation status. 
AdvertiseData Advertise data packet container for Bluetooth LE advertising. 
AdvertiseData.Builder Builder for AdvertiseData
AdvertiseSettings The AdvertiseSettings provide a way to adjust advertising preferences for each Bluetooth LE advertisement instance. 
AdvertiseSettings.Builder Builder class for AdvertiseSettings
BluetoothLeAdvertiser This class provides a way to perform Bluetooth LE advertise operations, such as starting and stopping advertising. 
BluetoothLeScanner This class provides methods to perform scan related operations for Bluetooth LE devices. 
ScanCallback Bluetooth LE scan callbacks. 
ScanFilter Criteria for filtering result from Bluetooth LE scans. 
ScanFilter.Builder Builder class for ScanFilter
ScanRecord Represents a scan record from Bluetooth LE scan. 
ScanResult ScanResult for Bluetooth LE scan. 
ScanSettings Bluetooth LE scan settings are passed to startScan(ScanCallback) to define the parameters for the scan. 
ScanSettings.Builder Builder for ScanSettings
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