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Added in API level 1


public interface CallbackHandler

Needs to be implemented by classes that want to handle authentication Callbacks. A single method handle(Callback[]) must be provided that checks the type of the incoming Callbacks and reacts accordingly. CallbackHandlers can be installed per application. It is also possible to configure a system-default CallbackHandler by setting the auth.login.defaultCallbackHandler property in the standard file.


Public methods

abstract void handle(Callback[] callbacks)

Handles the actual Callback.

Public methods


Added in API level 1
void handle (Callback[] callbacks)

Handles the actual Callback. A CallbackHandler needs to implement this method. In the method, it is free to select which Callbacks it actually wants to handle and in which way. For example, a console-based CallbackHandler might choose to sequentially ask the user for login and password, if it implements these Callback s, whereas a GUI-based one might open a single dialog window for both values. If a CallbackHandler is not able to handle a specific Callback, it needs to throw an UnsupportedCallbackException.

callbacks Callback: the array of Callbacks that need handling
IOException if an I/O related error occurs
UnsupportedCallbackException if the CallbackHandler is not able to handle a specific Callback
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