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Pack200.Packer The interface defining the API for converting a JAR file to an output stream in the Pack200 format. 
Pack200.Unpacker The interface defining the API for converting a packed stream in the Pack200 format to a JAR file. 


Attributes The Attributes class is used to store values for manifest entries. 
Attributes.Name The name part of the name/value pairs constituting an attribute as defined by the specification of the JAR manifest. 
JarEntry Represents a single file in a JAR archive together with the manifest attributes and digital signatures associated with it. 
JarFile JarFile is used to read jar entries and their associated data from jar files. 
JarInputStream The input stream from which the JAR file to be read may be fetched. 
JarOutputStream The JarOutputStream is used to write data in the JarFile format to an arbitrary output stream  
Manifest The Manifest class is used to obtain attribute information for a JarFile and its entries. 
Pack200 Class factory for Pack200.Packer and Pack200.Unpacker


JarException This runtime exception is thrown when a problem occurs while reading a JAR file. 
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