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added in API level 21


public static interface ForkJoinPool.ManagedBlocker


Interface for extending managed parallelism for tasks running in ForkJoinPools.

A ManagedBlocker provides two methods. Method isReleasable() must return true if blocking is not necessary. Method block() blocks the current thread if necessary (perhaps internally invoking isReleasable before actually blocking). These actions are performed by any thread invoking managedBlock(ManagedBlocker). The unusual methods in this API accommodate synchronizers that may, but don't usually, block for long periods. Similarly, they allow more efficient internal handling of cases in which additional workers may be, but usually are not, needed to ensure sufficient parallelism. Toward this end, implementations of method isReleasable must be amenable to repeated invocation.

For example, here is a ManagedBlocker based on a ReentrantLock:

 class ManagedLocker implements ManagedBlocker {
   final ReentrantLock lock;
   boolean hasLock = false;
   ManagedLocker(ReentrantLock lock) { this.lock = lock; }
   public boolean block() {
     if (!hasLock)
     return true;
   public boolean isReleasable() {
     return hasLock || (hasLock = lock.tryLock());

Here is a class that possibly blocks waiting for an item on a given queue:

 class QueueTaker<E> implements ManagedBlocker {
   final BlockingQueue<E> queue;
   volatile E item = null;
   QueueTaker(BlockingQueue<E> q) { this.queue = q; }
   public boolean block() throws InterruptedException {
     if (item == null)
       item = queue.take();
     return true;
   public boolean isReleasable() {
     return item != null || (item = queue.poll()) != null;
   public E getItem() { // call after pool.managedBlock completes
     return item;


Public methods

abstract boolean block()

Possibly blocks the current thread, for example waiting for a lock or condition.

abstract boolean isReleasable()

Returns true if blocking is unnecessary.

Public methods


added in API level 21
boolean block ()

Possibly blocks the current thread, for example waiting for a lock or condition.

boolean true if no additional blocking is necessary (i.e., if isReleasable would return true)

InterruptedException if interrupted while waiting (the method is not required to do so, but is allowed to)


added in API level 21
boolean isReleasable ()

Returns true if blocking is unnecessary.

boolean true if blocking is unnecessary

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