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added in API level 1


public interface CertPathBuilderResult
implements Cloneable

A specification of the result of a certification path builder algorithm. All results returned by the method must implement this interface.

At a minimum, a CertPathBuilderResult contains the CertPath built by the CertPathBuilder instance. Implementations of this interface may add methods to return implementation or algorithm specific information, such as debugging information or certification path validation results.

Concurrent Access

Unless otherwise specified, the methods defined in this interface are not thread-safe. Multiple threads that need to access a single object concurrently should synchronize amongst themselves and provide the necessary locking. Multiple threads each manipulating separate objects need not synchronize.

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Public methods

abstract Object clone()

Makes a copy of this CertPathBuilderResult.

abstract CertPath getCertPath()

Returns the built certification path.

Public methods


added in API level 1
Object clone ()

Makes a copy of this CertPathBuilderResult. Changes to the copy will not affect the original and vice versa.

Object a copy of this CertPathBuilderResult


added in API level 1
CertPath getCertPath ()

Returns the built certification path.

CertPath the certification path (never null)

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