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Added in API level 1


public interface InterruptibleChannel
implements Channel

Known Indirect Subclasses

Channels that implement this interface can be asynchronously closed and interrupted.

A channel that can be asynchronously closed permits that a thread blocked on an I/O operation (the I/O thread) can be released by another thread calling the channel's close() method. The I/O thread will throw an AsynchronousCloseException and the channel will be closed.

A channel that is interruptible permits a thread blocked on an I/O operation (the I/O thread) to be interrupted by another thread (by invoking interrupt() on the I/O thread). When the I/O thread is interrupted it will throw a ClosedByInterruptException, it will have its interrupted status set and the channel will be closed. If the I/O thread attempts to make an I/O call with the interrupt status set the call will immediately fail with a ClosedByInterruptException.


Public methods

abstract void close()

Closes the channel.

Inherited methods

From interface java.nio.channels.Channel
From interface
From interface java.lang.AutoCloseable

Public methods


Added in API level 1
void close ()

Closes the channel.

Any threads that are blocked on I/O operations on this channel will be interrupted with an AsynchronousCloseException. Otherwise, this method behaves the same as defined in the Channel interface.

IOException if an I/O error occurs while closing the channel.
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