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Added in API level 1


public interface Readable

Known Indirect Subclasses

A Readable is a source of characters. Characters from a Readable are made available to callers of the read method via a CharBuffer.


Public methods

abstract int read(CharBuffer cb)

Attempts to read characters into the specified character buffer.

Public methods


Added in API level 1
int read (CharBuffer cb)

Attempts to read characters into the specified character buffer. The buffer is used as a repository of characters as-is: the only changes made are the results of a put operation. No flipping or rewinding of the buffer is performed.

cb CharBuffer: the buffer to read characters into
int The number of char values added to the buffer, or -1 if this source of characters is at its end
IOException if an I/O error occurs
NullPointerException if cb is null
ReadOnlyBufferException if cb is a read only buffer
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