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added in API level 1


Provides APIs for monitoring the basic phone information, such as the network type and connection state, plus utilities for manipulating phone number strings.


CarrierConfigManager Provides access to telephony configuration values that are carrier-specific. 
CellIdentityCdma CellIdentity is to represent a unique CDMA cell  
CellIdentityGsm CellIdentity to represent a unique GSM cell  
CellIdentityLte CellIdentity is to represent a unique LTE cell  
CellIdentityWcdma CellIdentity to represent a unique UMTS cell  
CellInfo Immutable cell information from a point in time. 
CellInfoCdma Immutable cell information from a point in time. 
CellInfoGsm Immutable cell information from a point in time. 
CellInfoLte Immutable cell information from a point in time. 
CellInfoWcdma Immutable cell information from a point in time. 
CellLocation Abstract class that represents the location of the device.  
CellSignalStrength Abstract base class for cell phone signal strength related information. 
CellSignalStrengthCdma Signal strength related information. 
CellSignalStrengthGsm GSM signal strength related information. 
CellSignalStrengthLte LTE signal strength related information. 
CellSignalStrengthWcdma Wcdma signal strength related information. 
IccOpenLogicalChannelResponse Response to the iccOpenLogicalChannel(String) command. 
NeighboringCellInfo Represents the neighboring cell information, including Received Signal Strength and Cell ID location. 
PhoneNumberFormattingTextWatcher Watches a TextView and if a phone number is entered will format it. 
PhoneNumberUtils Various utilities for dealing with phone number strings. 
PhoneStateListener A listener class for monitoring changes in specific telephony states on the device, including service state, signal strength, message waiting indicator (voicemail), and others. 
ServiceState Contains phone state and service related information. 
SignalStrength Contains phone signal strength related information. 
SmsManager Manages SMS operations such as sending data, text, and pdu SMS messages. 
SmsMessage A Short Message Service message. 
SubscriptionInfo A Parcelable class for Subscription Information. 
SubscriptionManager SubscriptionManager is the application interface to SubscriptionController and provides information about the current Telephony Subscriptions. 
SubscriptionManager.OnSubscriptionsChangedListener A listener class for monitoring changes to SubscriptionInfo records. 
TelephonyManager Provides access to information about the telephony services on the device. 
VisualVoicemailService This service is implemented by dialer apps that wishes to handle OMTP or similar visual voicemails. 
VisualVoicemailService.VisualVoicemailTask Represents a visual voicemail event which needs to be handled. 
VisualVoicemailSms Represents the content of a visual voicemail SMS. 
VisualVoicemailSmsFilterSettings Class to represent various settings for the visual voicemail SMS filter. 
VisualVoicemailSmsFilterSettings.Builder Builder class for VisualVoicemailSmsFilterSettings objects. 


SmsMessage.MessageClass SMS Class enumeration. 
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