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added in API level 4



SynthesisCallback A callback to return speech data synthesized by a text to speech engine. 
TextToSpeech.OnInitListener Interface definition of a callback to be invoked indicating the completion of the TextToSpeech engine initialization. 
TextToSpeech.OnUtteranceCompletedListener This interface was deprecated in API level 18. Use UtteranceProgressListener instead.  


SynthesisRequest Contains data required by engines to synthesize speech. 
TextToSpeech Synthesizes speech from text for immediate playback or to create a sound file. 
TextToSpeech.Engine Constants and parameter names for controlling text-to-speech. 
TextToSpeech.EngineInfo Information about an installed text-to-speech engine. 
TextToSpeechService Abstract base class for TTS engine implementations. 
UtteranceProgressListener Listener for events relating to the progress of an utterance through the synthesis queue. 
Voice Characteristics and features of a Text-To-Speech Voice. 
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