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added in API level 23


KeyGenParameterSpec AlgorithmParameterSpec for initializing a KeyPairGenerator or a KeyGenerator of the Android Keystore system
KeyGenParameterSpec.Builder Builder of KeyGenParameterSpec instances. 
KeyInfo Information about a key from the Android Keystore system
KeyProperties Properties of Android Keystore keys. 
KeyProtection Specification of how a key or key pair is secured when imported into the Android Keystore system
KeyProtection.Builder Builder of KeyProtection instances. 
WrappedKeyEntry An KeyStore.Entry that holds a wrapped key. 


KeyExpiredException Indicates that a cryptographic operation failed because the employed key's validity end date is in the past. 
KeyNotYetValidException Indicates that a cryptographic operation failed because the employed key's validity start date is in the future. 
KeyPermanentlyInvalidatedException Indicates that the key can no longer be used because it has been permanently invalidated. 
StrongBoxUnavailableException Indicates that an operation could not be performed because the requested security hardware is not available. 
UserNotAuthenticatedException Indicates that a cryptographic operation could not be performed because the user has not been authenticated recently enough. 
UserPresenceUnavailableException Indicates the condition that a proof of user-presence was requested but this proof was not presented. 
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