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public class


extends Object
   ↳ android.drm.DrmStore

Class Overview

Defines constants that are used by the DRM framework.


Nested Classes
class DrmStore.Action Defines actions that can be performed on rights-protected content. 
interface DrmStore.ConstraintsColumns Interface definition for the columns that represent DRM constraints. 
class DrmStore.DrmObjectType Defines DRM object types. 
class DrmStore.Playback Defines playback states for content. 
class DrmStore.RightsStatus Defines status notifications for digital rights. 
Public Constructors
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From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public DrmStore ()

Added in API level 11

This constructor was deprecated in API level 16.
This class should have been an interface instead. The default constuctor should have not been exposed.