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DeviceFilter<D extends Parcelable> A filter for companion devices of type D 


AssociationRequest A request for the user to select a companion device to associate with. 
AssociationRequest.Builder A builder for AssociationRequest  
BluetoothDeviceFilter A filter for Bluetooth(non-LE) devices  
BluetoothDeviceFilter.Builder A builder for BluetoothDeviceFilter  
BluetoothLEDeviceFilter A filter for Bluetooth LE devices 
BluetoothLEDeviceFilter.Builder Builder for BluetoothLEDeviceFilter  
CompanionDeviceManager System level service for managing companion devices

To obtain an instance call getSystemService(Class)(COMPANION_DEVICE_SERVICE) Then, call associate(AssociationRequest, Callback, Handler) to initiate the flow of associating current package with a device selected by user. 

CompanionDeviceManager.Callback A callback to receive once at least one suitable device is found, or the search failed (e.g. 
WifiDeviceFilter A filter for Wifi devices 
WifiDeviceFilter.Builder Builder for WifiDeviceFilter  
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