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added in API level 8

Provides device administration features at the system level, allowing you to create security-aware applications that are useful in enterprise settings, in which IT professionals require rich control over employee devices.

For more information, see the Device Administration guide.


ConnectEvent A class that represents a connect library call event. 
DeviceAdminInfo This class is used to specify meta information of a device administrator component. 
DeviceAdminReceiver Base class for implementing a device administration component. 
DevicePolicyManager Public interface for managing policies enforced on a device. 
DnsEvent A class that represents a DNS lookup event. 
NetworkEvent An abstract class that represents a network event. 
SecurityLog.SecurityEvent A class representing a security event log entry. 
SystemUpdateInfo A class containing information about a pending system update. 
SystemUpdatePolicy A class that represents a local system update policy set by the device owner. 
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