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public static class VoiceInteractor.ConfirmationRequest
extends VoiceInteractor.Request


Confirms an operation with the user via the trusted system VoiceInteractionService. This allows an Activity to complete an unsafe operation that would require the user to touch the screen when voice interaction mode is not enabled. The result of the confirmation will be returned through an asynchronous call to either onConfirmationResult(boolean, android.os.Bundle) or onCancel() - these methods should be overridden to define the application specific behavior.

In some cases this may be a simple yes / no confirmation or the confirmation could include context information about how the action will be completed (e.g. booking a cab might include details about how long until the cab arrives) so the user can give a confirmation.


Public constructors

VoiceInteractor.ConfirmationRequest(VoiceInteractor.Prompt prompt, Bundle extras)

Create a new confirmation request.

Public methods

void onConfirmationResult(boolean confirmed, Bundle result)

Handle the confirmation result.

Inherited methods

Public constructors


added in API level 23
VoiceInteractor.ConfirmationRequest (VoiceInteractor.Prompt prompt, 
                Bundle extras)

Create a new confirmation request.

prompt VoiceInteractor.Prompt: Optional confirmation to speak to the user or null if nothing should be spoken.

extras Bundle: Additional optional information or null.

Public methods


added in API level 23
void onConfirmationResult (boolean confirmed, 
                Bundle result)

Handle the confirmation result. Override this method to define the behavior when the user confirms or rejects the operation.

confirmed boolean: Whether the user confirmed or rejected the operation.

result Bundle: Additional result information or null.

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