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Added in API level 1

This package is provided only for compatibility reasons. It contains a simplified version of the package that was previously used by JSSE (Java SSL package). All applications that do not have to be compatible with older versions of JSSE (that is before Java SDK 1.5) should only use


Certificate Abstract class to represent identity certificates. 
X509Certificate Abstract base class for X.509 certificates. 


CertificateEncodingException The exception that is thrown when an error occurs while a Certificate is being encoded. 
CertificateException The base class for all Certificate related exceptions. 
CertificateExpiredException The exception that is thrown when a Certificate has expired. 
CertificateNotYetValidException The exception that is thrown when a Certificate is not yet valid. 
CertificateParsingException The exception that is thrown when a Certificate can not be parsed. 
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