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Added in API level 1


This package allows applications to store and retrieve user and system preference and configuration data. This data is stored persistently in an implementation-dependent backing store. There are two separate trees of preference nodes, one for user preferences and one for system preferences.


NodeChangeListener A listener for receiving preference node change events. 
PreferenceChangeListener A listener for receiving preference change events. 
PreferencesFactory A factory object that generates Preferences objects. 


AbstractPreferences This class provides a skeletal implementation of the Preferences class, greatly easing the task of implementing it. 
NodeChangeEvent An event emitted by a Preferences node to indicate that a child of that node has been added or removed. 
PreferenceChangeEvent An event emitted by a Preferences node to indicate that a preference has been added, removed or has had its value changed. 
Preferences A node in a hierarchical collection of preference data. 


BackingStoreException Thrown to indicate that a preferences operation could not complete because of a failure in the backing store, or a failure to contact the backing store. 
InvalidPreferencesFormatException Thrown to indicate that an operation could not complete because the input did not conform to the appropriate XML document type for a collection of preferences, as per the Preferences specification. 
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