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Added in API level 1



NodeChangeListener This interface is used to handle preference node change events. 
PreferenceChangeListener This interface is used to handle preferences change events. 
PreferencesFactory This interface is used by the Preferences class as factory class to create Preferences instances. 


AbstractPreferences This abstract class is a partial implementation of the abstract class Preferences, which can be used to simplify Preferences provider's implementation. 
NodeChangeEvent This is the event class to indicate that one child of the preference node has been added or deleted. 
PreferenceChangeEvent This is the event class to indicate that a preference has been added, deleted or updated. 
Preferences An instance of the class Preferences represents one node in a preference tree, which provides a mechanism to store and access configuration data in a hierarchical way. 


BackingStoreException An exception to indicate that an error was encountered while accessing the backing store. 
InvalidPreferencesFormatException An exception to indicate that the input XML file is not well-formed or could not be validated against the appropriate document type (specified by in the Preferences). 
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