added in API level 1



BaseDexClassLoader Base class for common functionality between various dex-based ClassLoader implementations. 
DelegateLastClassLoader A ClassLoader implementation that implements a delegate last lookup policy. 
DexClassLoader A class loader that loads classes from .jar and .apk files containing a classes.dex entry. 
DexFile This class was deprecated in API level 26. This class should not be used directly by applications. It will hurt performance in most cases and will lead to incorrect execution of bytecode in the worst case. Applications should use one of the standard classloaders such as PathClassLoader instead. This API will be removed in a future Android release.  
InMemoryDexClassLoader A ClassLoader implementation that loads classes from a buffer containing a DEX file. 
PathClassLoader Provides a simple ClassLoader implementation that operates on a list of files and directories in the local file system, but does not attempt to load classes from the network.