added in API level 26



TextClassificationSessionFactory An interface for creating a session-aware TextClassifier. 
TextClassifier Interface for providing text classification related features. 


SelectionEvent A selection event. 
TextClassification Information for generating a widget to handle classified text. 
TextClassification.Builder Builder for building TextClassification objects. 
TextClassification.Request A request object for generating TextClassification. 
TextClassification.Request.Builder A builder for building TextClassification requests. 
TextClassificationContext A representation of the context in which text classification would be performed. 
TextClassificationContext.Builder A builder for building a TextClassification context. 
TextClassificationManager Interface to the text classification service. 
TextClassificationSessionId This class represents the id of a text classification session. 
TextClassifier.EntityConfig Configuration object for specifying what entities to identify. 
TextLinks A collection of links, representing subsequences of text and the entity types (phone number, address, url, etc) they may be. 
TextLinks.Builder A builder to construct a TextLinks instance. 
TextLinks.Request A request object for generating TextLinks. 
TextLinks.Request.Builder A builder for building TextLinks requests. 
TextLinks.TextLink A link, identifying a substring of text and possible entity types for it. 
TextLinks.TextLinkSpan A ClickableSpan for a TextLink. 
TextSelection Information about where text selection should be. 
TextSelection.Builder Builder used to build TextSelection objects. 
TextSelection.Request A request object for generating TextSelection. 
TextSelection.Request.Builder A builder for building TextSelection requests.