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added in API level 22



CarrierMessagingService.ResultCallback<T> A callback interface used to provide results asynchronously. 


CarrierIdentifier Used to pass info to CarrierConfigService implementations so they can decide what values to return. 
CarrierMessagingService A service that receives calls from the system when new SMS and MMS are sent or received. 
CarrierMessagingService.SendMmsResult The result of sending an MMS. 
CarrierMessagingService.SendMultipartSmsResult The result of sending a multipart SMS. 
CarrierMessagingService.SendSmsResult The result of sending an SMS. 
CarrierService A service that exposes carrier-specific functionality to the system. 
MessagePdu A parcelable list of PDUs representing contents of a possibly multi-part SMS. 
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