added in API level 26



Sanitizer Helper class used to sanitize user input before using it in a save request. 
Transformation Helper class used to change a child view of a presentation template at runtime, using the values of fields contained in the screen. 
Validator Class used to define whether a condition is satisfied. 


AutofillService An AutofillService is a service used to automatically fill the contents of the screen on behalf of a given user - for more information about autofill, read Autofill Framework
BatchUpdates Defines actions to be applied to a template presentation
BatchUpdates.Builder Builder for BatchUpdates objects. 
CharSequenceTransformation Replaces a TextView child of a CustomDescription with the contents of one or more regular expressions (regexs). 
CharSequenceTransformation.Builder Builder for CharSequenceTransformation objects. 
CustomDescription Defines a custom description for the autofill save UI. 
CustomDescription.Builder Builder for CustomDescription objects. 

A Dataset object represents a group of fields (key / value pairs) used to autofill parts of a screen. 

Dataset.Builder A builder for Dataset objects. 
DateTransformation Replaces a TextView child of a CustomDescription with the contents of a field that is expected to have a date value
DateValueSanitizer Sanitizes a date AutofillValue using a DateFormat
FieldClassification Represents the field classification results for a given field. 
FieldClassification.Match Represents the score of a UserData entry for the field. 

FillCallback handles autofill requests from the AutofillService into the Activity being autofilled. 

FillContext This class represents a context for each fill request made via AutofillService.onFillRequest(FillRequest, CancellationSignal, FillCallback)
FillEventHistory Describes what happened after the last AutofillService.onFillRequest(FillRequest, android.os.CancellationSignal, FillCallback) call. 
FillEventHistory.Event Description of an event that occured after the latest call to FillCallback.onSuccess(FillResponse)
FillRequest This class represents a request to an autofill service to interpret the screen and provide information to the system which views are interesting for saving and what are the possible ways to fill the inputs on the screen if applicable. 
FillResponse Response for an AutofillService.onFillRequest(FillRequest, android.os.CancellationSignal, FillCallback)
FillResponse.Builder Builder for FillResponse objects. 
ImageTransformation Replaces the content of a child ImageView of a presentation template with the first image that matches a regular expression (regex). 
ImageTransformation.Builder Builder for ImageTransformation objects. 
LuhnChecksumValidator Validator that returns true if the number created by concatenating all given fields pass a Luhn algorithm checksum. 
RegexValidator Defines if a field is valid based on a regular expression (regex). 
SaveCallback Handles save requests from the AutofillService into the Activity being autofilled. 
SaveInfo Information used to indicate that an AutofillService is interested on saving the user-inputed data for future use, through a AutofillService.onSaveRequest(SaveRequest, SaveCallback) call. 
SaveInfo.Builder A builder for SaveInfo objects. 
SaveRequest This class represents a request to an autofill provider to save applicable data entered by the user. 
TextValueSanitizer Sanitizes a text AutofillValue using a regular expression (regex) substitution. 
UserData Defines the user data used for field classification
UserData.Builder A builder for UserData objects. 
Validators Factory for Validator operations.