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public static final class CalendarContract.Reminders
extends Object implements BaseColumns, CalendarContract.RemindersColumns, CalendarContract.EventsColumns

   ↳ android.provider.CalendarContract.Reminders

Fields and helpers for accessing reminders for an event. Each row of this table represents a single reminder for an event. Calling query(ContentResolver, long, String[]) will return a list of reminders for the event with the given eventId. Both apps and sync adapters may write to this table. There are three writable fields and all of them must be included when inserting a new reminder. They are:


Inherited constants

From interface android.provider.BaseColumns
From interface android.provider.CalendarContract.RemindersColumns
From interface android.provider.CalendarContract.EventsColumns


public static final Uri CONTENT_URI

Public methods

static final Cursor query(ContentResolver cr, long eventId, String[] projection)

Queries all reminders associated with the given event.

Inherited methods

From class java.lang.Object



added in API level 14

Public methods


added in API level 14
Cursor query (ContentResolver cr, 
                long eventId, 
                String[] projection)

Queries all reminders associated with the given event. This is a blocking call and should not be done on the UI thread.

cr ContentResolver: The content resolver to use for the query
eventId long: The id of the event to retrieve reminders for
projection String: the columns to return in the cursor
Cursor A Cursor containing all reminders for the event
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