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added in API level 1

Provides classes to manage Wi-Fi functionality on the device.

The Wi-Fi APIs provide a means by which applications can communicate with the lower-level wireless stack that provides Wi-Fi network access. Almost all information from the device supplicant is available, including the connected network's link speed, IP address, negotiation state, and more, plus information about other networks that are available. Some other API features include the ability to scan, add, save, terminate and initiate Wi-Fi connections.

Some APIs may require the following user permissions:

Note: Not all Android-powered devices provide Wi-Fi functionality. If your application uses Wi-Fi, declare so with a <uses-feature> element in the manifest file:

<manifest ...>
    <uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.wifi" />


ScanResult Describes information about a detected access point. 
WifiConfiguration A class representing a configured Wi-Fi network, including the security configuration. 
WifiConfiguration.AuthAlgorithm Recognized IEEE 802.11 authentication algorithms. 
WifiConfiguration.GroupCipher Recognized group ciphers. 
WifiConfiguration.KeyMgmt Recognized key management schemes. 
WifiConfiguration.PairwiseCipher Recognized pairwise ciphers for WPA. 
WifiConfiguration.Protocol Recognized security protocols. 
WifiConfiguration.Status Possible status of a network configuration. 
WifiEnterpriseConfig Enterprise configuration details for Wi-Fi. 
WifiEnterpriseConfig.Eap The Extensible Authentication Protocol method used  
WifiEnterpriseConfig.Phase2 The inner authentication method used  
WifiInfo Describes the state of any Wifi connection that is active or is in the process of being set up. 
WifiManager This class provides the primary API for managing all aspects of Wi-Fi connectivity. 
WifiManager.LocalOnlyHotspotCallback Callback class for applications to receive updates about the LocalOnlyHotspot status. 
WifiManager.LocalOnlyHotspotReservation LocalOnlyHotspotReservation that contains the WifiConfiguration for the active LocalOnlyHotspot request. 
WifiManager.MulticastLock Allows an application to receive Wifi Multicast packets. 
WifiManager.WifiLock Allows an application to keep the Wi-Fi radio awake. 
WifiManager.WpsCallback This class was deprecated in API level P. This is deprecated  
WpsInfo A class representing Wi-Fi Protected Setup  


SupplicantState From defs.h in wpa_supplicant
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