Android APIs
Added in API level 16
Deprecated since API level 21
public static interface



This interface was deprecated in API level 21.
We recommend using the new android.hardware.camera2 API for new applications.

Class Overview

Callback interface used to notify on auto focus start and stop.

This is only supported in continuous autofocus modes -- FOCUS_MODE_CONTINUOUS_VIDEO and FOCUS_MODE_CONTINUOUS_PICTURE. Applications can show autofocus animation based on this.


Public Methods
abstract void onAutoFocusMoving(boolean start, Camera camera)
Called when the camera auto focus starts or stops.

Public Methods

public abstract void onAutoFocusMoving (boolean start, Camera camera)

Added in API level 16

Called when the camera auto focus starts or stops.

start boolean: true if focus starts to move, false if focus stops to move
camera Camera: the Camera service object