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public class


extends MaskFilter

Class Overview

This takes a mask, and blurs its edge by the specified radius. Whether or or not to include the original mask, and whether the blur goes outside, inside, or straddles, the original mask's border, is controlled by the Blur enum.


Nested Classes
enum BlurMaskFilter.Blur  
Public Constructors
BlurMaskFilter(float radius, BlurMaskFilter.Blur style)
Create a blur maskfilter.
Inherited Methods
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From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public BlurMaskFilter (float radius, BlurMaskFilter.Blur style)

Added in API level 1

Create a blur maskfilter.

radius float: The radius to extend the blur from the original mask. Must be > 0.
style BlurMaskFilter.Blur: The Blur to use
The new blur maskfilter