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Added in API level 1

Contains classes for accessing information about an application package, including information about its activities, permissions, services, signatures, and providers.

Most of the information about an application package is defined by its manifest file. For more information, see the AndroidManifest.xml File documentation.


ActivityInfo Information you can retrieve about a particular application activity or receiver. 
ActivityInfo.WindowLayout Contains information about position and size of the activity on the display. 
ApplicationInfo Information you can retrieve about a particular application. 
ComponentInfo Base class containing information common to all application components (ActivityInfo, ServiceInfo). 
ConfigurationInfo Information you can retrieve about hardware configuration preferences declared by an application. 
FeatureGroupInfo A set of features that can be requested by an application. 
FeatureInfo Definition of a single optional hardware or software feature of an Android device. 
InstrumentationInfo Information you can retrieve about a particular piece of test instrumentation. 
LabeledIntent A special subclass of Intent that can have a custom label/icon associated with it. 
LauncherActivityInfo A representation of an activity that can belong to this user or a managed profile associated with this user. 
LauncherApps Class for retrieving a list of launchable activities for the current user and any associated managed profiles. 
LauncherApps.Callback Callbacks for package changes to this and related managed profiles. 
LauncherApps.ShortcutQuery Represents a query passed to getShortcuts(ShortcutQuery, UserHandle)
PackageInfo Overall information about the contents of a package. 
PackageInstaller Offers the ability to install, upgrade, and remove applications on the device. 
PackageInstaller.Session An installation that is being actively staged. 
PackageInstaller.SessionCallback Events for observing session lifecycle. 
PackageInstaller.SessionInfo Details for an active install session. 
PackageInstaller.SessionParams Parameters for creating a new PackageInstaller.Session
PackageItemInfo Base class containing information common to all package items held by the package manager. 
PackageManager Class for retrieving various kinds of information related to the application packages that are currently installed on the device. 
PackageStats implementation of PackageStats associated with a application package. 
PathPermission Description of permissions needed to access a particular path in a ProviderInfo
PermissionGroupInfo Information you can retrieve about a particular security permission group known to the system. 
PermissionInfo Information you can retrieve about a particular security permission known to the system. 
ProviderInfo Holds information about a specific content provider
ResolveInfo Information that is returned from resolving an intent against an IntentFilter. 
ServiceInfo Information you can retrieve about a particular application service. 
ShortcutInfo Represents a shortcut that can be published via ShortcutManager
ShortcutInfo.Builder Builder class for ShortcutInfo objects. 
ShortcutManager The ShortcutManager manages an app's shortcuts
Signature Opaque, immutable representation of a signing certificate associated with an application package. 


PackageManager.NameNotFoundException This exception is thrown when a given package, application, or component name cannot be found. 
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