added in API level 4


The classes in this package are used for development of accessibility service that provide alternative or augmented feedback to the user.

An AccessibilityService runs in the background and receives callbacks by the system when AccessibilityEvents are fired. Such events denote some state transition in the user interface, for example, the focus has changed, a button has been clicked, etc. Such a service can optionally request the capability for querying the content of the active window. Development of an accessibility service requires extends this class and implements its abstract methods.

An AccessibilityServiceInfo describes an AccessibilityService. The system notifies an AccessibilityService for AccessibilityEvents according to the information encapsulated in this class.


AccessibilityService.MagnificationController.OnMagnificationChangedListener Listener for changes in the state of magnification. 
AccessibilityService.SoftKeyboardController.OnShowModeChangedListener Listener for changes in the soft keyboard show mode. 


AccessibilityButtonController Controller for the accessibility button within the system's navigation area

This class may be used to query the accessibility button's state and register callbacks for interactions with and state changes to the accessibility button when AccessibilityServiceInfo.FLAG_REQUEST_ACCESSIBILITY_BUTTON is set. 

AccessibilityButtonController.AccessibilityButtonCallback Callback for interaction with and changes to state of the accessibility button within the system's navigation area. 
AccessibilityService Accessibility services should only be used to assist users with disabilities in using Android devices and apps. 
AccessibilityService.GestureResultCallback Class used to report status of dispatched gestures  
AccessibilityService.MagnificationController Used to control and query the state of display magnification. 
AccessibilityService.SoftKeyboardController Used to control and query the soft keyboard show mode. 
AccessibilityServiceInfo This class describes an AccessibilityService
FingerprintGestureController An AccessibilityService can capture gestures performed on a device's fingerprint sensor, as long as the device has a sensor capable of detecting gestures. 
FingerprintGestureController.FingerprintGestureCallback Class that is called back when fingerprint gestures are being used for accessibility. 
GestureDescription Accessibility services with the R.styleable.AccessibilityService_canPerformGestures property can dispatch gestures. 
GestureDescription.Builder Builder for a GestureDescription  
GestureDescription.StrokeDescription Immutable description of stroke that can be part of a gesture.