class ArrayCreatingInputMerger : InputMerger

An InputMerger that attempts to merge the various inputs. For each input, we look at each key:

  • If this is the first time we encountered the key
    • If it's an array, put it in the output
    • If it's a primitive, turn it into a size 1 array and put it in the output
  • Else
    • If the value type matches the old value type
      • If they are arrays, concatenate them
      • If they are primitives, turn them into a size 2 array
    • Else if one is an array and the other is a primitive
      • Make a longer array and concatenate them
    • Else throw an IllegalArgumentException


Public constructors

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merge(inputs: MutableList<Data!>)

Public constructors



Public methods


fun merge(inputs: MutableList<Data!>): Data