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interface GuidedActionAutofillSupport

Interface for a custom EditText subclass to support autofill in

Apps who needs to supply custom layouts for GuidedActionsStylist with their own EditText classes should implement this interface in order to support autofill in This ensures autofill event happened within custom EditText is propagated to GuidedStepSupportFragment. e.g.

 public class MyEditText extends EditText implements GuidedActionAutofillSupport { OnAutofillListener mAutofillViewListener; @Override public void setOnAutofillListener(OnAutofillListener autofillViewListener) { mAutofillViewListener = autofillViewListener; } @Override public void autofill(AutofillValue values) { super.autofill(values); if (mAutofillViewListener != null) { mAutofillViewListener.onAutofill(this); } } // ... } 


Nested classes

Listener for autofill event.

Public methods
abstract Unit

Sets AutofillListener on the custom view.

Public methods


abstract fun setOnAutofillListener(listener: GuidedActionAutofillSupport.OnAutofillListener!): Unit

Sets AutofillListener on the custom view.