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interface OnAnimationEndListener

An animation listener that receives end notifications from an animation.


Public methods
abstract Unit
onAnimationEnd(animation: DynamicAnimation<DynamicAnimation<*>!>!, canceled: Boolean, value: Float, velocity: Float)

Notifies the end of an animation.

Public methods


abstract fun onAnimationEnd(
    animation: DynamicAnimation<DynamicAnimation<*>!>!,
    canceled: Boolean,
    value: Float,
    velocity: Float
): Unit

Notifies the end of an animation. Note that this callback will be invoked not only when an animation reach equilibrium, but also when the animation is canceled.

animation DynamicAnimation<DynamicAnimation<*>!>!: animation that has ended or was canceled
canceled Boolean: whether the animation has been canceled
value Float: the final value when the animation stopped
velocity Float: the final velocity when the animation stopped