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open class SerializableType<D : Serializable!> : NavType<D>
   ↳ androidx.navigation.NavType<D>
   ↳ androidx.navigation.NavType.SerializableType

SerializableType is used for Serializable NavArguments. For handling Enums you must use EnumType instead.

Null values are supported. Default values in Navigation XML files are not supported.


Public constructors
<init>(@NonNull type: Class<D>)

Constructs a NavType that supports a given Serializable type.

Public methods
open Boolean
equals(other: Any?)

open D?
get(@NonNull bundle: Bundle, @NonNull key: String)

open String

open Int

open D
parseValue(@NonNull value: String)

open Unit
put(@NonNull bundle: Bundle, @NonNull key: String, @Nullable value: D?)

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Public constructors