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interface FiniteAnimationSpec<T> : AnimationSpec<T>

FiniteAnimationSpec is the interface that all non-infinite AnimationSpecs implement, including: TweenSpec, SpringSpec, KeyframesSpec, RepeatableSpec, SnapSpec, etc. By definition, InfiniteRepeatableSpec does not implement this interface.


Public methods
abstract VectorizedFiniteAnimationSpec<V>
vectorize(converter: TwoWayConverter<T, V>)

Creates a VectorizedAnimationSpec with the given TwoWayConverter.

Public methods


abstract fun <V : AnimationVector> vectorize(converter: TwoWayConverter<T, V>): VectorizedFiniteAnimationSpec<V>

Creates a VectorizedAnimationSpec with the given TwoWayConverter.

The underlying animation system operates on AnimationVectors. T will be converted to AnimationVector to animate. VectorizedAnimationSpec describes how the converted AnimationVector should be animated. E.g. The animation could simply interpolate between the start and end values (i.e.TweenSpec), or apply spring physics to produce the motion (i.e. SpringSpec), etc)

converter: TwoWayConverter<T, V> converts the type T from and to AnimationVector type